Sustainable human development program

We build capacities & provide interventions in human, environment & sustainable development

Programs & Services

Our Programs and Services cover the following:

  1. Development of individual competencies in such areas as analyzing environmental problems, identifying impacts of programs and projects, formulating environmental management plans, ensuring proper stakeholder identification, applying technologies of participation, as well as negotiation and conflict resolution and management, among others.
  2. Capacity building, including coaching and mentoring, of organizations and institutions to ensure that key mandates, like waste management and natural resources management, are implemented.
  3. Advocacy, promotion and demonstration of environmental management approaches and technologies, such as environmental management system, ecotourism, community-based rural tourism, green productivity-integrated community development, environmental assessment, integrated solid waste management, renewable technology, waste-to-energy, disaster risk reduction, and climate change adaptation.
  4. Implementation of funded programs and projects, such as the City Leadership and Governance Program, Course on Credentialed Cooperative Director, etc.
  5. Undertake facilitation, consultation, negotiation, conflict management, and team building activities for clients in order to forge consensus, resolve conflicts, ensure buy-in and ownership by stakeholders, and set clear goals, objectives and strategies.
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