The Department of Health (DOH), in partnership with the Zuelleg Family Foundation, Inc., and DAP-SHDP, as academic partner, implemented the second module of the City Leadership and Governance Program (CLGP). The 3-day course aimed to develop the bridging leadership competencies of the participants on such areas as systems thinking, engaging the stakeholders, etc. The participants, who came from the different departments of the Cities of Antipolo, Calbayog and Manila, also drafted their respective action plans on how to address the priority health problems, health issues, and social determinants of health that they have identified based on local data. After a couple of months, they will present their results during the module 3 run of the CLGP. Photo shows the City Health Leadership Teams of Antipolo, Calbayog and Manila, Mayor Jun Ynares, Mayor Ronald Aquino, Councilor Cesar Sabenicio, Councilor Arlene Atienza, Assistant Regional Director Corazon Flores, Assistance Secretary and DOH-BLHD Director Eric Tayag, CLGP Technical Working Group, and the DAP Training Team led by Mr. Tristan Suratos, program manager of the Human Development Unit of DAP-SHDP.